Africa’s Neglected Epidemic: Multidisciplinary Research, Intervention and Policy for Chronic Diseases

This report was written by Professor Ama de-Graft Aikins (then Dr. Ama de-Graft Aikins) for The British Academy. The report was based on a synthesis of presentations from an international conference on Africa’s Neglected Epidemic: Multidisciplinary Research, Intervention and Policy for Chronic Diseases organised by the British Academy, Royal Society and Ghana Academy of Arts and Sciences, and a review of published research on chronic diseases in sub-Saharan Africa. This conference was held on February 16 -17, 2009 at the British Council Accra.

The aim of the conference was to

1.) discuss Africa’s chronic disease burden from multidisciplinary and multi-institutional perspectives

2.) highlight challenges and good practices in
research, practice and policy; and

3.) formulate a new set of policy recommendations.

Professor Duncan Gallie, Dr Birgit Brandt, Professor Megan Vaughan, Professor Lawrence Boadi, Dr Charles Agyemang, Dr Paul Amuna and Dr Lucy Carpenter
commented on earlier drafts of the report.


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