Fatric Bewong



Fatric Bewong is an artist, senior teacher and lower secondary learning coordinator at Brainy Bairn school (Secondary Department) who lives and works in Accra. Her interdisciplinary practice traverses the studio, the classroom, and the field. She studied at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) where she graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Art Degree (BFA) and Masters of Fine Art (MFA) degree from the University of Hartford, Connecticut respectively. 

Bewong weaves and paints with reused materials and sound improvisation with the intention to revalue them as formal objects. Her practice explores the potentiality, possibilities and limitations through experimenting with a variety of materials and mediums such as textiles, plastics acrylic and dyes. She re-contextualizes these materials which are embedded with history. In her practice she is very interested in how labour could translate into love, healing, self-care and self-actualization. Her work manifest in the form of installations, photograph, video, site specific performance and paintings.

Beyond her studio and the class room she works with groups and communities to engage in participatory art. 

She believes that art can re-tell our present-day story by insisting on deep generosity and reciprocity through maintenance, reuse and revaluing of the things some cultures have deemed worthless. She has been exhibited in her home country Ghana, the USA and Europe such as  Collecting the City #2, Amsterdam museum, 2022 Air in Zuidoost, “if we are happy in our dreams, does that count? Ifa Gallery, Stuttgart, and Woori 2023, Wa.

She loves life and as such she has a variety of interest across and beyond art.