Chronic Care Hub

Chronic Care Hub

Chronic diseases describe long-term conditions lasting months, years or over a lifetime. Chronicity refers to the complex challenges that come with living with chronic diseases that progress slowly, last for lengthy periods of time and that may even result in infirmity and other serious conditions.

Conditions like diabetes, hypertension and cancers can have a negative impact on many aspects of everyday life, from diets to finances, and affected individuals and families often struggle to cope.

Yet many chronic diseases are preventable and individuals can live long and healthy lives in spite of a chronic disease.
Care is central to these goals. Care covers several daily actions including looking after ourselves (for example eating healthily and exercising), looking after loved ones living with chronic diseases (for example paying their medical expenses or giving them emotional support) and advocating for better medical care at the national level.

The Chronic Care Hub shares evidence based practical advice on how to prevent and manage chronic diseases, how to care for ourselves and for people in our lives who live with chronic diseases, and how caregivers can be supported.

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