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More Africans around the world are living with chronic diseases than ever before.  Conditions like diabetes, hypertension and cancers have a negative impact on many aspects of everyday life, from diets to finances, and affected individuals and families often struggle to cope. Care is at the heart of chronic disease prevention and management, and of living a full healthy life in spite of chronic illness.

It is important that we understand the issue of care in all its variations because care is central to tackling the rising prevalence of chronic diseases in African communities and the impact on individual, family and community lives. For instance, how does an adult child look after an elderly parent with multiple medical conditions and their own children while being in full time work? How do we avoid everyday situations that cause us mental distress when these situations are beyond our personal control?

The research hub of Chronicity Care Africa will explore all aspects of care through conversations with fellow researchers, health professionals and advocates as well as through insights from ongoing and published research from our team and other projects.

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