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The Chronicity Care Africa website is an online multilingual, multimedia hub providing up-to-date practical advice on how to prevent and manage chronic non-communicable diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure and dementia.

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We provide evidence-based practical advice on how to prevent and manage chronic diseases, how to care for people in our lives who live with chronic diseases, and how caregivers can be supported. In addition, we share the latest cutting-edge insights from our on-the-ground research.

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Award-winning Ghanaian cartoonist and illustrator Tilapia da Cartoonist joins The Chronicity and Care in African Contexts Project, as our Arts-in-Health partner.

We are thrilled to welcome Tilapia Da Cartoonist to the Chronicity and Care in African Contexts Project and the Chronicity Care Africa Network. Born in Ghana in 1984, Tilapia Da Cartoonist is a famous Ghanaian cartoonist whose illustrated political and social cartoons are constantly featured on TV3 and its online portal 3news.com. Tilapia has illustrated

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How chronic conditions are understood, experienced and managed within African communities in Europe, North America and Australia: A synthesis of qualitative studies

Abstract This review focuses on the lived experiences of chronic conditions among African communities in the Global North, focusing on established immigrant communities as well as recent immigrant, refugee, and asylum-seeking communities. We conducted a systematic and narrative synthesis of qualitative studies published from inception to 2022, following a search from nine databases—MEDLINE, EMBASE, PsycINFO,

Chronic Care Experiences and Practices in Ghanaian Transnational Families in Ottawa, Canada and Ghana: assessing need and developing practical interventions

This proposal describes a new study that aims to assess the chronic care experiences and challenges faced by Ghanaian transnational families in Ottawa, Canada, and Ghana, with the objective of identifying their needs and developing practical interventions to address the complex dynamics of caregiving in transnational settings. Download the Project Proposal Below to Read More