Dr Ernestina K. Dankyi



Dr. Ernestina Korleki Tetteh holds a PhD in Migration Studies, a Master of Philosophy degree in Sociology and Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Work from the University of Ghana. 

Her research focuses on diverse groups of children and adolescents affected by both internal and international migration. From 2017 to 2020, she conducted research on mental health experiences of street children and adolescents, most of whom are migrants. Her engagement with the children and institutions with them during the period revealed that street children suffer a number of chronic illnesses. She has since nurtured the idea of exploring this novel area of research with street children. Her current interest in NCD research focuses on personal experiences, needs, and coping behaviors of children affected by chronic illness. These include children living with a chronic illness; those providing primary care for relatives who have chronic illness and the children who live within households with a sick relative. 

She is a Research Fellow at the Centre for Social Policy Studies at the University of Ghana and a member of the Society for Research in Child Development.